Why Should You Hire an On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator?

No one wants to prepare the tables and contact their suppliers the morning of their wedding! It’s going to be a nightmare since you’ll be busy. This is where you’ll need to hire an on-the-day coordinator. For most couples, having this professional on their wedding day can help them enjoy their big fay and provide a stress-free day for their guests also. 

However, what does an on-the-day wedding coordinator actually do? When do they are called for at your wedding? In this article, we’re going to help you understand everything you need to know.


On-the-Day Coordinator 

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Before we discuss what an OTD Coordinator does, you should not take its name literally. If someone claims that they can just rock up, please do not engage. It’s usually a misrepresentation since most wedding coordinators will provide support and advice during the planning process and be ‘in charge of the planning around 1-2 months prior to the wedding, offering them some time to understand your plans for your wedding day and cooperate with the selected suppliers for final details. 

The wedding coordinator’s job is to suggest suppliers, advise on timings, and they must also have access to your Pinterest board and google sheets so they can update you on where to source the things you love and review that there has been sufficient time allocated for the essentials. A lot of wedding coordinators bring a huge kit of styling necessities and stuff, so make sure that you check with your on-the-day wedding coordinator to see if it’s necessary to buy everything on your list. 


On-the-Day Wedding Coordinator Responsibilities 

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Your wedding coordinator is most likely the first one to arrive and the last to leave. Here are some of the important jobs they need to attend to. As you try to read the list below, just try to think about who would take responsibility for these assignments without an on-the-day coordinator. You and your loved ones should be putting your attention on having a great time. 

  • Meet with suppliers and make sure that they know where they are setting up and have all the things they need. 
  • Style the venue and outside areas and give the finishing touches. Make sure everything looks fine the way you wanted it. 
  • Greet the guests and serve drinks and canapés for those who need some extra help. 
  • Make sure that couples are drinking and eating because it’s easy to forget this as couples are busy with chatting and photos. 
  • Place some bridesmaids’ bouquets and bouquets in water to maintain their beauty and freshness. 
  • Changing rooms from dinner to dancing and ceremony to dinner. 
  • Give extra care for relatives and friends who have difficulty with mobility, so they don’t miss out on things such as the buffet dinner and cutting of the cake. 
  • Choose playlists, light candles, put out evening food, replenish the sweet bar, and etc. 
  • Support suppliers when needed like serving on the bar, collecting plates, serving drinks for the band, and so forth. 
  • Keep all things clean and tidy, including cleaning unavoidable broken glass from the dance floor. 
  • Clean and replenish the toilets and restroom. 
  • Motivate guests to sign the guestbook or visit the photo booth. 
  • Assist guests who need taxis. 


After the Wedding OTD Coordinator Responsibilities 


When the night ends or even the next day, on-the-day coordinators are responsible for planning what needs to be returned to suppliers the day when packing stuff, make a list of items that have been left by guests and store them safely. Also, you can wrap and pack food and drink items that you may wish to keep. This gives you a gentle start the next morning and has a fun relaxed breakfast as newlyweds. 

Every wedding coordinator is different but they also have the same job to be your very own ‘stress sponge’. They are there to soak up any worries and make sure that you still have time to relax. It’s important that you find the one that’s the most appropriate for your needs, budget, and style. They are there to deflect a big amount of pressure and needless hassle away from clients; tiny issues that may come up throughout the day can be dealt with carefully, all of the suppliers on-site have a person to provide them with a hand. 

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