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Why Close Coupled Toilets So Popular in UK?

Close coupled toilets UK are undoubtedly the highly trendy type of toilets. You may have no interest in how these works until you go through need or want a bathroom renovation. For most of us, we do not think toilets might be worth our time when it comes to a bathroom makeover. It is because, no think, these have much importance in terms of helping us in creating a type of looks we want in the bathroom. However, modern bathrooms are all about improving aesthetics and comfort. Every fixture is important, including toilets. 

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In this article, we are going to discuss important points regarding the close-coupled toilets

Introduction to Close Coupled Toilets?

Just imagine a standard bathroom setup. What comes to your mind? It is most probably a bathroom with a conventional toilet set that has a floor-standing toilet bowl that has a cistern on its backside. So, it is a kind of individual unit where these two parts join closely that makes it what makes it a close coupled toilets UK. These are so common that almost everyone has used them or have them in all or one of their bathrooms.

Are Close Coupled Toilets any Good?

The close-coupled toilet is a top-selling fixture that is popular due to various benefits that include easier installation, comparatively lower prices, high durability, and hardwearing. Many of these are suitable for contemporary bathrooms that comes with modern features like rimless bowls for better hygiene and a dual flush method for water usage. In addition to that, these are also available in space-saving short projection style. 

Why Prefer Close Coupled Toilets?

close coupled toiletsThere can be various reasons to prefer the close coupled style toilets. A few of these are as follows. 

  • Most Common and Popular Designs. The first reason might be that these toilets are the most common and popular designs then all. That means if you install them, you will most probably not feel any difference as you are already used to them. For many people, change can be uncomfortable, and they want to keep using or prefer the style they are already comfortable with. 
  • Low Price. If you are tight on budget then, the close-coupled toilet may be the most excellent pick for you. In comparison with other styles like wall-mounted and back to wall toilets, these are relatively lower prices. However, that does not mean there is a compromise on their quality and aesthetics.
  • Various Style Options. It is the kind of toilet that is suitable for all types of bathrooms. It is because you have various style options available for you. You can opt for a traditional style toilet for a classic look, and similarly, there are various shapes available that will perfectly coordinate with other fixtures to create modern looks. That makes it a universal design to fit every bathroom style. 
  • Easier Installation. Another good thing about the close coupled toilets is that these are simpler to install and maintain. That makes it an even more economical toilet. In most cases, if you are familiar with the basics of bathroom fitting, you can do it yourself. Even if you call a plumber, it will be relatively quick to fix and fit. That means the plumber will charge less for his work. In addition to that in case, something goes wrong with it; the cistern is visible and accessible so you can easily check and fix the problem. 
  • Long Life. The close coupled toilets are pretty hardwearing. You generally don’t get any problems for many years. There is no water damage that you may get with other types of toilets. So, that means, there are highly reliable and will not require repair or replacements for a long time. 
  • Available with all the modern features. Although for most people, it is a kind of traditional style that has not changed over decades. But there are various ranges available that come with all the modern features that you can think of. These include rimless design, dual flush system, short projection toilets, etc. 

Final Thoughts about Close Coupled Toilets. 

Close coupled toilets are the most common type of toilets in the UK. But you can easily enjoy almost all the modern features that modern toilets have. That makes it a perfect choice that is a wonderful choice for modern bathrooms. The major benefits include easier installation, less maintenance, lower costs, long-lasting and extensive availability of various styles. You can check the latest range of toilets at Royal Bathrooms online store on the UK’s website.

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