The 6 Trending Styles of Corporate Animated Video Services in 2022

Organisations are increasingly using animation to communicate the brand message effectively. It is a memorable and engaging way of grabbing the user’s attention. The corporate animated video services have changed the marketing techniques where simple images formats have been taken over by videos in various formats. They include social media, seminars, websites, conferences, etc. These videos need to be short and simple while imparting information to their users. Unlike the traditional methods, these videos evoke emotions and break down complex ideas into simpler ones, making it easy for customers to understand and take action.

Many organisations opt for short animated videos to convey the message in a story form, maximising user engagement. Such videos leave a lasting impression on the users. These videos visualise and appeal to users. They help companies to create a competitive edge with the correct language, tone, style and visuals. Further, these are high-quality videos that create a strong brand identity. Various animation styles make the video characters and scenarios look realistic, adding to its uniqueness. Let’s see the different types of animation videos that develop creative videos.

6 Types of Corporate Animated Video Services

  • Live animated videos

Promotional videos have gained immense popularity in the last ten years. Here businesses try to reach a more significant target market by promoting their products and services. For this purpose, a live animated video is a choice. It allows companies to market people-oriented services like hotels, restaurants or consulting groups. Further, they even advertise the products using different techniques. The combination of live-action and animation creates engaging stories. Such corporate animated video services provide enhanced interaction where the story revolves around the usage of characters and elements that can’t be easily predicted. Since the video uses real people in the marketing concept, it not only helps users develop trust but emotionally connects them to the advertisements. This in turn helps connect to the products and services.

  • 3D Animation

3D animation is one of the most used types of animation used by corporates. It uses extensive data to process, render and get hands on finished products. This may last for some hours to weeks. In today’s world, it has become one of the core techniques as the majority of the users watch 3D videos. It includes movies, shows, cartoons, games, etc. Thus, it wouldn’t be incorrect to say to target a large audience, businesses need to make effective use of 3D animation videos. Moreover, consumers are more attracted to products and services when displayed in augmented reality. What could get better than 3D animation immersing itself in the story to trigger emotions? The product’s functionality features and demonstrates its performance when placed in weird circumstances or extreme weather conditions.

  • Cartoon

Cartoons have always been a favourite part of the 90s generation. Hence, many companies have adopted the innovative idea of reaching a broad audience via cartoons. Its corporate animated video services leverage business with complex and abstract concepts. They allow developers to choose from a variety of characters to convey the message more effectively. Many organisations usually opt for superheroes as they look up to them. But they can include comedy characters, fictional animals, heroes, mythological creatures, explorers, etc. Since it facilitates businesses with several choices, it is some of the most appealing video animation tactics. Lastly, it works best because many of the cartoons have stereotypical features. They at once grab the attention of users and convert the message.

  • Animated Infographic

If you are looking for motion graphic videos that let brands educate, explain and inform complex ideas and concepts through the effective use of images, text and illustrations than an animated infographic is the one. The powerful tool rebrands knowledge and breaks the information into chunks. Further, it makes it easy to understand. Moving on, this type of corporate video animated services facilitates companies with various formats. They include informational, geographic, list, hierarchical, timeline, etc. Few of its other interactive varieties include non-static elements like hyperlinks, animations, accordions and tooltips.

The animated information graphics go a bit further to present data with numbers, research, and more understandable charts than the texts. Therefore, nearly 65% of marketers use infographics for promotional campaigns. These are also being increasingly used to engage the online audience.

  • Silhouettes Animation

The unique style features all the characters as silhouettes distinguish the brand’s message from others. These videos include transparent material like tissue paper, sand, paper tracing, etc., to create unique images. Corporate animated video services fall into different categories from which silhouettes animation is one of them. Though it is not commonly used, there are various reasons organisations might want to consider it. These are best for firms that want to launch new products or create a competitive advantage with their products. 

The animation informs the audience about age, gender, costume, etc. In short, anything that needs to be highlighted. Customers can easily recognise the details as more features, lighting, and volume are removed.

  • Mechanical 3D

The mechanical 3D videos display products details like processes or phases using the 3D software. It showcases how a product works and how they are ideal for the technical industry. Many companies implement corporate video animate services across multiple sectors like automotive, defence, aerospace, etc. Moreover, various types of modelling and visualisation are used with this scope. They include engineering, process, product, machine, and industrial animation.

From a broad perspective, these are computer-generated image animation that illustrates the modus-operandi of products and their components. They enable design verification and kinetic monitoring. Besides this, it improves the products’ efficiency, effectiveness, and performance. These videos use various materials like tiles, glass, fabric, wood, marble, asphalt, stones, etc. However, to add more, they use photorealistic materials like oil splotches, metal finishes, metal dots, scratches, and others.

Video animation started with 2d animation. It later on improved its implementation with 3d, motion graphics, etc. It began with realistic videos and images that copied the real products. Organisations use next-age technologies to help develop and add illustrations or graphics. Further, it provides the needed effects to create interactive videos. Therefore, the corporate animated video services have evolved with time helping businesses, schools, government bodies, etc., to make marketing more interesting.

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