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Reasons to Consider Affordable Composite Bonding for Your Chipped Tooth

Modern dentistry has improved drastically in the recent times. As a result, it is not mandatory to replace a chipped or partially broken tooth anymore. In most of these cases dental bonding is an excellent solution. It involves applying a composite material to the affected tooth. This bonding procedure certainly has several pros and that is why it is so popular. Most important among those – it is pretty fast and pocket-friendly treatment alternative. But on the other hand, it has a few cons too that are worth knowing. When you are aware of both the cons and pros taking an informed decision becomes much easier.

In the following section of the blog post let us explore the disadvantages of this treatment procedure.

Disadvantages of teeth bonding

Before going into the topic of bonding disadvantages or cons of tooth bonding, let us drive our point home one more time. Tooth bonding is a great solution in itself for chipped or partially broken tooth. There is no doubt about that and this is why dentists recommend this treatment to patients frequently worldwide. But here our aim is to discuss the downsides of it compared to crowns, veneers and other likely options.

Bonding is not much durable – the substance that is used on tooth bonding is made of nothing but plastic of a special kind. It is called composite resin. The itself is quite strong and durable but compared to the tooth enamel – that you are gifted by nature – it is never that long-lasting. Secondly composite resin is never as hardy as porcelain and other similar items used in making crowns and veneers.

You have to keep your dental bonding safe and lasting. And for that here are a few tried and tested tips –

  • You have to be conscious about what you eat. Biting down hard food items like certain nuts may lead to chip or breakage of the bonding material.
  • You have to notice if the bite of your bonded tooth is uneven or the tooth makes you feel either rough or jagged. You have to report these problems to your dentist immediately and the problem may be solved by filing of the tooth. In extreme cases the tooth may need to be extracted.

Composite bonding does not last long enough

It is important to mention in the ongoing context, tooth bonding is not exactly as flexible as its alternatives; as a matter of fact, it comes with a much shorter shelf life. at the most a bond can last for ten years. The way you care for your teeth, gums and the overall mouth along with your daily lifestyle and diet plays a vital role determining how long the bond will last. The better care you take the longer the bond lasts.

Dental bonding is prone to stains

Another major downside of the treatment alternative is it is prone to pick up stains. What is the reason behind it? Composite resin is much more porous than the natural coating of enamel on the tooth. Thus, it easily absorbs and retains colours from the foods and drinks that you enjoy. If you over indulge yourself in beverages like red wine and coffee or love to have berries you will invariably notice your bonded tooth gets discoloured easily compared the natural ones. In order to cut a long story short, if you want your bonded tooth to last longer and look natural there is no other option but to limit your daily intake of berries, coffee, red wine and such other items that can stain the resin bonding.

Alternative options to restore your tooth

Modern dentistry offers a number of reliable alternatives to dental bonding. Those options include the following –

Dental crowns – the teeth can wear crowns easily and the appliance is made from a wide range of materials. These not only include porcelain and zirconia but also metals including gold. A dental crown can easily last anywhere between 15 years and a lifetime depending upon certain factors. Why dental crowns are popular? The reasons are many including the following –

  • A crown can fully restore a broken tooth.
  • It can easily cap a severely diseased tooth or tooth with a cavity big enough to sort out through filling.

Teeth veneers – veneers are typically made of porcelain and are fixed at the front of the teeth. These are pretty long-lasting anywhere near 20 years. This alternative is an excellent solution if you want to –

  • Sort out the issue of stained or discoloured teeth
  • Improve the shape as well as the size of the teeth that are little crooked or misaligned

In case you think the cons of dental bonding outweigh its pros, then you can easily consider the alternative optioned discussed above.

Composite bonding versus crowns and veneers

Choosing between dental bonding and almost any other restorative option is more of a matter of cost and of course convenience.

As far as cost is concerned, composite bonding is definitely more delicate than a crown or a set of veneers. But at the same time, it is also much reasonable in price.

When ease or convenience is concerned, bonding option easily rules out the other alternatives. Bonding typically requires just a single appointment and the procedure lasts less than an hour. On the other hand, both veneers and crowns require more than one appointment with the dentist.

Things thus boil down to the fact that though veneers and dental crowns last much longer than composite resin but the later proves more economical and is also easy and convenient to apply.

An advantage of your bonded tooth

Composite resin causes no damage to the tooth. Unlike veneers and crowns it is moulded to fit. As a matter of fact, there is absolutely no need to remove a part of the tooth enamel for dental bonding treatment unlike that in veneers. This loss of enamel is an irreversible loss and will never ever be replaced in any way. While applying dental crowns the tooth is grinded a little, leading to an irreversible damage. In dental bonding there is no need for grinding down the tooth or removing a part of the tooth enamel.

Chatfield Braces is one of the most reliable places for affordable composite bonding in London. If you need any help regarding a chipped or partially broken tooth, just feel free to contact us. We have an excellent track record in handling such cases at a cost that easily fits your budget.

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