Mobile Repair: Check Top 6 Qualities of Best Service Centre

A majority of people across the world use mobile phones to accomplish multiple tasks. And when their phones get afflicted with an issue, they might feel like the dark ages are back. So, if your smartphone gets accidentally damaged or does not work because of an old part, you might want to get the issue fixed as quickly as possible; before you begin to experience separation anxiety. And in your hurry, you might cause more damage to your beloved phone. The service centre you have selected for mobile repair might not have the equipment and expertise needed to handle your smartphone.


Your smartphone is not a use-and-throw item. And your phone might be very expensive as well. So when it gets damaged, you should not immediately start looking for a new device. A lot of issues are fixable. And once a technician repairs the issue, your phone is most likely to work as good as new. It is, however, important that you find the right service centre for your device. If you fail to do that, you might have to order a new mobile phone.


When you are searching for a service centre for mobile repair, check whether it has these top six qualities. If it does, it means you do not have to worry about a shoddy repair job. The centre is most likely to fix your mobile phone right the first time.




Look for a service centre that is well-established in your city, and avoid a newly opened one. You cannot verify the claims of the latter, as it may have fixed only a handful of devices until now. Also, it may still be in the process of setting up its repair facility and procuring the equipment. A well-established service centre, on the other hand, has all the necessary resources. And it may have already repaired tons of mobile phones, which makes it easy for you to confirm whether its technicians can indeed do quality repairs or not.


Focused On a Specific Brand


Do not visit a centre that does Android device repair if you own an iPhone. It will not have the expertise or the equipment needed to do iPhone repair. You must find a service centre that is focused on fixing models offered by the smartphone brand that you use. It is most likely to do a top-notch repair job.     


Great Online Reviews


Unlike in the past, today, it has become easier to find out what others are saying about the repair services of a mobile phone centre. And it is all thanks to online reviews. Written by customers, they help you identify the most reliable and safe centre in your city.


Genuine Parts  


Genuine parts are the key to perfect replacement jobs. When your device’s screen gets cracked or when its battery is dead, technicians fix the problem by replacing the damaged part. And, replacing the original part with a non-genuine one can cause more damage to your beloved device and can affect its performance. So, you must always insist on the use of genuine parts. And do not hear a service centre enumerate the benefits of duplicate parts. Cheap is the only advantage they have over genuine components.   


Experienced Technicians      


Confirmed that the service centre is well-equipped? But, have you checked whether it has employed experienced and well-trained technicians? They are the ones who will be iphone repairing. Most smartphones, especially the premium ones, are tough to fix. And without experience and regular training, technicians might fail to do it right the first time. So, call the service centre you plan to visit and ask, “How many years of experience do your technicians have? and “Do you provide them regular training to handle my brand’s phone? It is best not to visit a service centre that allows a team of new hires who are still learning the basics of repairing mobile phones to handle your damaged phone.


Warranty on Repairs


If you use a premium smartphone, it means you have spent a lot of money to own it. And the repair of such a device will also cost a lot of money. You would not like to visit a service centre again and again to get the old issue fixed — if the centre had offered no warranty on its original  cell phone repair. And if there is a warranty on the repair, the centre will solve the same issue again free of cost.


Your city is most likely to have tons of third-party service centres for mobile repair. Some of them must be a one-man shop. You need to select the one that is the most reputable and known for its high-quality services. And before you hand over your device to it, make sure to find out its repair charges.

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