Is NFT Marketplace Development A Cost-effective Startup Idea?

The popularity of NFT marketplaces has reached a stage where RMDS Lab (a Data Analytics firm) is coming up with the first-ever NFT marketplace for science and technology. 

More reports say that one in three entrepreneurs would love to launch their NFT marketplace as their NFT-first venture. If you’re one such entrepreneur reading this blog, I guess you’re in the right place.

Is NFT Marketplace A Cost-effective Startup Idea?

It, of course, is!

Most of us wish to indulge in non-fungible tokens in one way or another, don’t we? But then, not all options are feasible and cost-effective. Moreover, you would rely on consistent business revenue to sustain. I’m not sure how feasible it is in other business models. 

On the other hand, you can leverage off-the-shelf NFT marketplace development to jump-start your business. Since the process involves custom-made solutions, you don’t have to shell out unnecessary dollars apart from web hosting, development cost, etc. 

Smart contracts are transaction protocols that are used in an NFT marketplace. These protocols govern the connections between the seller and the buyer. Furthermore, these smart contracts include data that can be used to identify an NFT. As a result, the purchasing and selling of tokens have become more user-friendly and convenient.

Can I Replicate Popular NFT Marketplaces?

Replicating (or cloning) refers to deriving inspiration from any other website or app to create a like-for-like platform. However, it doesn’t mean copying the exact version. Instead, it involves taking the core idea (from the original) and embedding our ideas on it. 

  • Rarible

In the current trend, Rarible has been the best performing NFT Marketplace. With a large number of listings and a large number of collectibles, the Rarible Marketplace is undoubtedly the OpenSea Marketplace’s equal. Rarible is quickly becoming the industry standard for NFT Marketplaces. Rarible and its effects on the present Cryptosphere will be well-known to active NFT aspirants. If you’re a rare-art enthusiast, provision the Rarible clone to proceed further.

  • Sorare

Monetize the football fanatic (in you) with an exciting all-football NFT marketplace like Sorare. Connect the football enthusiasts- collectible enthusiasts- to gather player collectible cards and trade-offs for profits. As a platform with widespread experience, leveraging the Sorare clone will be the ideal option. 

  • Nifty Gateway

Gemini Trust Company, the parent company of Nifty Gateway, is an NFT Marketplace. Since 2018, the Nifty Gateway has been in use, executing activities such as the Beeple, Grimes, and other widely utilised NFT art exhibits. From the moment it partnered with Sotheby’s, the Nifty Gateway grew popular.

  • OpenSea-like Platform

OpenSea is a United States-based NFT marketplace that is based on the Ethereum ERC721 standard and Polygon (Matic). OpenSea Marketplace facilitates buy/sell, and mint operations of the NFTs.  As the world’s first NFT Marketplace, OpenSea enables content creators to create and discover treasures. With a White-label OpenSea clone, you can bestow identical features and functionalities on your marketplace in a hassle-free manner.

All these platforms will help you engulf in the NFT revolution and monetize (by doing so). Establishing a similar NFT marketplace ensures a robust revenue stream for your business.

5 Must-have Features in Your NFT Marketplace Platform

  • Storefront

Create a site with a user-friendly interface and aesthetically beautiful colors. When visitors visit a website, the storefront is the first thing they see. It’s also worth noting that the storefront should provide item bids, NFT owners, NFT preview, and pricing history.

  • Wallet

The introduction of a digital wallet is another critical aspect for any NFT marketplace. A digital wallet is a place where users may store, send, and receive NFTs.

  • Intuitive Search Filters

Filters are really beneficial. Furthermore, it becomes simpler to navigate a website. Add this functionality if you wish to establish a collectibles NFT marketplace platform. Users can choose assets based on their type, payment method, due date, and listing status.

  • Ratings & Reviews

Retaining the same in the NFT marketplaces helps beginners skim through categorical NFTs and choose their ideal ones. Also, it ensures the sellers’ credibility! It’s always an inevitable feature in the eCommerce marketplaces.

  • Listings

The user can utilize this function to create NFTs and submit them to the site. It’s critical to keep this process simple and just demand minimal user input. The user must submit the appropriate files and complete the descriptions, tags, names, and prices in this section.

Wrapping Up

NFT bandwagon partakes hundreds of new players each passing day. So, it becomes vital to figure out unique strategies to sustain in the ever-evolving NFT space. Do not worry – hire an ideal NFT Marketplace Development company as your technology partner to take the project forward.

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