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How to Write the Best Regency Romance Novel That Gets Published Right Away?

In the historical romance genre, you can’t throw a stone without striking a regency romance novel. At any given time, there are roughly 85 million regency books, according to conservative estimates. It’s by far the most popular historical sub-genre, with new releases almost every day.

This guide will help you in writing the best regency romance novel of all times.

What Is Regency Period

The Regency lasted 9 years, from 1811 to 1820, while historians typically consider the years 1780–1830 to constitute the Regency period because the role of the Prince Regent impacted those years. Because his father, King George III, was unable to reign due to illness and mental instability, the Prince Regent ruled as proxy.

During this time, the upper crust of British society lived lavishly, with parties, balls, a plethora of social engagements, marriage plans, and gossip – all set against a backdrop of stringent social mores. It’s because of this tension that it’s such an interesting time to write about.

Ingredients of A Regency Romance Book

  • One gorgeous yet feisty heroine
  • One brooding, wealthy hero
  • A token rival
  • Corsets
  • More dance parties than you can imagine
  • A fine dusting of historical facts
  • A handful of helpful servants to pass the time till the hero arrives
  • Unbelievably fancy names
  • Tea

Fill Your Stories with Life and Honesty

Create memorable characters who are historically accurate.

You must explore the complexities of etiquette and the norms of courtship and matrimony among the British upper classes, which are important components of a Regency romance, with a light touch. This best regency romance novel will inspire you to develop unique characters that overcome hurdles, breach society’s standards, and achieve their happily-ever-after while remaining historically accurate.

Write Your Own Regency Romance with These Helpful Tips

If you’re itching to write your own regency romance, make sure you read a lot! If you want to compose your own, chances are you’re already a fan. If you’re new to the genre, though, you should read as many regency novels as possible.

Fans can recognize a phony, so if you don’t truly grasp and appreciate the genre, writing your own will be difficult. Writing regency is similar to writing in the Marvel Universe in that there are common tropes and a canon, but there is also freedom for experimentation and fresh ideas. However, you must be aware of the preceding events.

Get familiarize with the tropes

It’s for this reason that you should be familiar with the tropes. While including them all isn’t required, understanding what they are will help you play within the genre. High society, or the bon ton, countless balls and social gatherings, and several Dukes, Viscounts, and Marquesses are all typical clichés.

Readers love a lot of detail, especially when it comes to clothing and setting. You’ll know what the tropes are and which ones you want to use once you’ve read enough regency novels.

Above all, don’t forget about the romance!

Your romance should progress throughout the book, culminating (happily!) in the last pages. To keep the tension alive, your romance will need obstacles, roadblocks, twists and turns along the journey to the altar. Romance is all about overcoming hurdles, whether those obstacles are social mores of the time or the protagonists’ personal hesitation to fall in love.

Whether you’re new to regency romance or a devoted follower, the good news is that there are thousands of books waiting to be devoured.

How To Cook a Classic Romance Novel

  • Give your sassy heroine an absurdly long name and a long, descriptive physical description.
  • She must marry for story purposes!
  • Describe your hero. Start over if you can’t characterize him as “swoon-worthy.”
  • It’s time for a game of ball. Don’t forget to bring up the expensive gowns!
  • The hero and heroine are instantly attracted to each other, but due to the corsets, they can’t do anything about it.
  • The protagonist says or does something that sparks a rift! He is now considered a bounder and a cad by the heroine.
  • Toss a ball into the mix. Make a point of describing everyone’s attire.
  • The adversary appears! He or she is obviously completely incorrect.
  • A series of uncomfortable dialogues between the hero and heroine about nothing in particular.
  • It’s time for a new ball. What are the characters’ other options?
  • Wouldn’t it be awful if the hero and heroine had to team up to help a random character in the background?
  • Oh no, the rival is causing havoc! In the rain, you should lean meaningfully against anything.
  • Our protagonist makes a heartfelt proclamation of love. By allowing him to kiss her/see her ankles, the heroine jeopardizes her honor.
  • However, the hero must now depart for unknown reasons!
  • Everything Has Been Destroyed.
  • The heroine is on the verge of something terrible! She might end up in dreadful poverty, or she might have to marry a rival, or she might have to wait until she’s twenty-two to find a husband!
  • The hero is back! Disclose the hidden motives, and they’re always too fluffy to bear.
  • Get hitched! Because it’s been a while, celebrate by throwing another ball.
  • The END: with plenty of tea, of course.

Thus, that’s how you can cook the best regency romance novel that gets noticed right away.

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