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How To Live Stream An Event: A Step-By-Step Guide


The industry of live streaming has been continuously growing in recent years. Though unprecedented, it is fueled by a demand for in-person and live access to more and more events. These are becoming the new normal in this technology-driven society. As the need arises, more and more organizations and businesses learn how to live stream an event to connect to the audience. Since the demand for access to live events is growing it is important to learn how to live stream an event.

The live webinar platforms can be used by everyone from small businesses to start-ups. These events are not just for the organizations with big media budgets but are for everyone. The different events that can be streamed include concerts, sporting events, graduations, meetings, and ceremonies.

Any live event has the potential to be live streamed via a few live webinar platforms.



A live event is straightforward especially when the right tools are used. There are a few basic steps that can be used by the Livestream broadcast studio for events.

  •  Identifying the goals

It is an important step to identify the goals and intentions right from the start. Understand what content is to be live streamed and who is it being streamed for. This will help to create a plan for the entire event.

  •  Make a plan

Now that the audience for the stream has been identified, the next step is to know the purpose, intended audience, budget, and desired outcomes. To create the plan, there is a set of information that is needed, where the event will be held, the agenda of the event, who will be speaking, the type of sound system, and who will be the guest.

  •  Choosing the right video platform

Choosing the right Livestream broadcast studio is the next step in planning. A streaming solution is a platform that hosts the stream and when considering how to host the stream, choose the solution that is capable of bringing the vision to life. Many professional platforms are equipped with HTML-5 video players that are labeled and can easily embed on the website, app, and social platforms.

While using one of the professional video streaming platforms, the viewers have access to specialized servers and sufficient bandwidth and there are many other features to ensure successful broadcasts. A professional service can typically handle large volumes of viewers and allows one to reach live stream events. The streaming solution uses a global content delivery network and the stream will accommodate large volumes of viewers in remote locations.

The better the service in terms of features, support, and cost, the better the broadcasting experience will be and the better the viewing will be for the audience. Take the time to compare the several streaming solutions and take advantage of the free trials before deciding on the right plan. There are a few main features to consider while comparing live streaming services.

The professional streaming platforms provide another benefit which is the absence of unapproved ads. With the free broadcasting services, the viewers can experience a constant stream of unwanted and untimely advertisements. With a white label video player, one can create and embed the watermark onto the original content.

A professional online video platform will provide the live event broadcasting environment and the need for professional setup and experience.

  •  Set up Broadcasting equipment

The live streaming solution that meets the needs considers the appropriate recording equipment to invest in. A crucial component for the streaming video and it can be overwhelming to weigh all the options. Take the time to research a few different options before moving on to making a decision. A fully featured live streaming camera to ensure a professional-grade streaming experience.

A super high-quality camera will improve the quality of both video and audio aspects which will attract and retain new viewers. There are two recommended streaming cameras including Canon Vixia HF R300 and Sony HVR-NX5U.

  •  Connect your encoder

Whether one uses an external camera or webcam one needs a video encoder to convert the files to streamable digital video files. One can use either a hardware or a software encoder and there are several options available for either type.

It is a free, open-source software encoder that is easy to navigate. There are typical alternatives and it is important to choose an encoder that is compatible with the chosen online video platform and won’t run any issues when configuring the settings.

  •  Input your sources

Once the encoder setup is done, it is time to input the source. The source inputs are different for every encoder and the online video platform is important for every live stream. One must connect the camera, microphone, and any other sources to the encoder so that they can be incorporated into the stream.

  •  Create a live channel

The next step is to create a live channel on the online video platform. This process is a little different on each platform.

  •  Embed your stream

Embedding video is simple when streaming via a service. Copy the code on the live channel and paste it into the website. This will allow one to share their live event stream wherever you want.

  •  Do a test run

Once everything has been set up it is time to conduct a test run. They are important because once a person is on the live stream, it is difficult to troubleshoot and fix the mistakes. The best way to learn how to live stream an event is to practice before the big day.

  •   Promote the event

Now that all the work is done in planning and preparing for the event, one needs to make sure that people come to the event. There are many ways to promote the event, utilize the email list, add it to the newsletter, share it on social media, create an invite, or make teasers.



The live webinar platforms, like Mixhubb, can be used to conduct smooth and efficient live streams. It can be done easily with some professional support. This article points out how a live stream can be conducted.


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