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How to draw in 3D drawings

How to draw in 3D drawings? 3D designs use optical illusions to find out that a photo has depth. This technique can bring every design to life. It may seem not easy to achieve, but actually, it is easier than it appears. With some methods, you can create 3D designs of various objects.

Draw a 3D optical illusion

Choose the object you want to draw.

The object you have selected must have a clear and straightforward contour, as this facilitates the creation of a 3D drawing. For example, you could draw a hand, banana, or donut. Everyone has a simple contour and a general form.

  • Follow the item you want to draw when it is a dimension that fits your sheet of paper. For example, you can use your hand because it can be suitable for a standard card and easily be tracked.

Make a light preliminary object of the object with a pencil

Pull or trace the contour of the thing you want to pull on the sheet of paper. Center the object on the page, even if it can touch the upper or bottom paper bottom when necessary.

  • Quickly draw this contour so you can delete unnecessary pencil indicators.

Draw horizontal and parallel lines on the side of the page

Cover the whole card with these lines, except in the form you have outlined. Make the lines nearby, at most 0.64 cm (0.64 cm) from the side. It is easier to draw these lines with a ruler to be completely straight and evenly spaced.

  • If you use the up-coated notebook card, you can track existing lines.

Draw curved lines in the molding

It starts each of these curved lines in which one of the straight parallel lines touches the outline. Drag the curve over the entire contour and go back, then connect to the end to the corresponding straight line on the opposite side of the system. Each curve line will fill a horizontal line on the whole page.

  • The curved lines should imitate the general form of the item drawing. When the varied shape, the lines should gradually remap to follow the object’s shape.

Traces on completed horizontal lines

To make the 3D effect, define the lines you have pulled. Follow the entire length of all these lines, including straight and curved sections. You can use a pen, crayons, or a marker to track lines. Ink can be done in any color or a variety of colors.

Eliminate the contour of the pencil

After drying the ink, eliminating the initial contour you did. It adds the 3D effect of the drawing and the object released from the page.

Drawing a 3D Box

Draw 3D box

Draw a square. I am creating a 3D field. Start with the simple draw a square with a pencil because you may need to eliminate some lines. The quad can be a combination of measures but should not last more than a quarter of the page. Petting it on the side, there is no room to draw the rest of the box.

  • This first place in the final draw serves as the front of the box.

Draw a double court that crosses with the prominent place

Place the second square slightly on one side and first. To start drawing the bottom line of the second square, the center with the center of the left side intersects the first place. Then draw the excellent side of the second enclosure so that the center of the upper part intersects first place. Then we stopped drawing the upper and left parts of the second square.

  • The second square should be the same size as the first square.
  • This double square is the cube’s backside in the last withdrawal.

Add lines for the two squares to connect

Connect each junction of the first courtyard to its corner corresponding to the second place. For example, draw a stripe from the upper left link of the first court in the upper left corner of the second square.

  • These lines create the illusion of the cube’s upper, lower, and side.

Remove the rows that make it look tight around the cube if essential

If you attempt to draw a solid cube instead of a transparent one, you need to delete some of the wires you have drawn the lines. Eliminate any line you can’t see from the solid angle you.

Deletion lines include:

  • The lower right connection line.
  • The second square’s right side.
  • The lower line of the second square.
  • First, it may seem strange that you had to trace these lines, but they helped pull the cubes in the right shape.

Color the sides of the cube, if you want

For the 3D perspective of the highlighted design, it is possible every side of the color box of a different color. It clarifies the depth design has and that each side of the box is marked.

Draw changes in the 3D box

Once you get the 3D box design block, you can draw other forms like AD. Like a rectangular box. Start for a rectangular box with a rectangle. Then draw a second rectangle slightly first on one side and above. Finally, connect the corners of the two corresponding rectangles.

  • You can perform other forms such as triangles, stars, and abstract shapes.

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