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What is a static website?

In technical terms, Headless wordpress themes a static website is one in which the websites are not dynamically produced on the server. In the version that the end-user receives, the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript reside on the server. The raw source code files have already been generated, and the source code does not change when the server requests are made.

Its FOSS is a headless wordpress themes and dynamic website that relies on many databases to build and serve web pages in response to requests from your browser. The majority of the internet is made up of dynamic websites that allow you to interact with them and include a lot of content that changes frequently. Static websites offer several advantages, including faster loading times, lower server resource requirements, and improved security.

Headless wordpress themes made with static websites are traditionally better suited to constructing modest websites with only a few pages and material that doesn’t change frequently. This is changing, owing to static website generating tools, which may also be used to generate blogs.

Open-Source Static Site Generators

You might be wondering why open-source static site generators? Did you know  Headless  WordPress Themes is an open-source CMS? The open-source platform makes available the resource code where you can modify and customize as required making the platform CMS or static site generator available to you as your own fully customized source of web development. 


Gatsby is the most prominent open-source site generator that is becoming increasingly popular. It uses React.js to create faster and beautifully designed web pages. GatsbyJS has been enhanced with all the modern features that are required by businesses and can get integrated with several headless CMS. The most convenient integration is with headless WordPress,


Development in Jekyll is a popular open-source static site generator written in Ruby. Jekyll is the engine that powers GitHub Pages, which allows you to host webpages for free on the platform. Jekyll is simple to install on a variety of platforms, including Ubuntu. The static site files are generated using Markdown, Liquid (for the template), HTML, and CSS. If you want to create a blog without adverts or a product page to promote your tool or service, it’s also a wonderful alternative.


Hugo is another popular open-source framework for static site development. The Go programming language was used to create it. It’s quick, easy, and dependable. If you need it, you can also seek sophisticated theming help. It also includes several helpful shortcuts to assist you in getting things done quickly. Hugo is capable of handling a range of content kinds, whether it’s a portfolio site or a blog.


Hexo is an intriguing Node. js-based open-source framework. You will, like others, wind up with lightning-fast websites, as well as a large collection of themes and plugins.


VuePress is a static site generator based on Vue.js, a progressive JavaScript framework that is open-source. Development in VuePress is simple to use if you are familiar with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. To get a head start on designing your site, you should look for a few handy plugins and themes. Also, it appears like Vue.js is being actively enhanced and that more people are paying attention to it, which is a positive thing.


Nuxt.js is based on Vue.js and Node.js, however, it emphasizes modularity and the ability to rely on the server rather than the client. Not only that, but it also seeks to provide developers with an intuitive experience, including descriptive errors and extensive documentation, among other things.


Docusaurus is a fascinating open-source static site generator designed specifically for creating documentation websites. It’s made with React. All of the necessary functionality, such as document versioning, document search, and translation, are pre-configured. This is a wonderful place to start if you want to create a documentation website for any of your products or services.


Eleventy promotes itself as a Jekyll alternative that aims for a more straightforward way to create speedier static websites. It appears to be simple to get started, and there is adequate documentation to assist you. Eleventy appears to be a good option if you want a simple static site generator that gets the job done.


Publii is a powerful open-source CMS that makes it simple to create static websites. Electron and Vue.js were used to create it. If necessary, you can also move your posts from a WordPress site. It also has several one-click synchronizations with GitHub Pages, Netlify, and other comparable services.


This is an intriguing open-source static site generator that is still being developed. It is a one-of-a-kind project, even though it is not a full-fledged solution with all of the capabilities found in other static generators. Primo’s goal is to assist you in creating and developing a website with a visual builder that can be simply changed and deployed to any host of your choosing.

Author Bio:Jyoti Garg a Digital Marketing expert likes to write about various blogs and technology who is always ready to work with latest market trends about WordPress development and headless WordPress she owns a free guest post site for free contribution.

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