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Hashtags on Instagram – How to choose them to increase your reach?

What complements a great photo and eye-catching description? Of course, properly selected hashtags! Despite this common belief, many people do not know what hashtags to use and how. Some believe that as many as possible should be added. There are also many voices according to which you should choose only the most popular hashtags. How is it? In this article, we will try to lighten it up a bit and show you that it is worth using hashtags on Instagram in a skillful way.

Hashtags on Instagram – what are they for?

There are the most popular hashtags or those that specifically describe the topic of hashtags created by you. What hashtag you enter will play a key role in how many and which Instagram users you reach with your message! It’s up to you to judge which works better and which works worse. So:

  • Create and test new schemes,
  • Observe the results of each of them,
  • Consider factors such as reach, post responses, and other ways of interacting with your audience.

The best hashtags will allow you to reach fans who will constantly view your posts and will be active under your posts. More followers drive many Instagram likes on your post

Relevant hashtags and their number – create your diagram

First, use general hashtags that will describe your activities. If you run your profile about beauty, tag # makeup. In this way, you “catch” the general part of your potential audience. Plus, find a pair of tags that match to narrow down the group and target specific people. You can mark here, for example, a brand of cosmetics or a group of products that you will use to make make-up – #shadows. This may not guarantee as wide a reach as popular hashtags. But you increase the likelihood that these people will stay with you because you are building your profile around their interests. The list of the most popular hashtags is available on many websites.

How many hashtags to add?

Although you can put up to 30 of them under one photo, it is worth being moderate. A few well-chosen hashtags will translate into much better results than a thicket of hashtags that make the entry unreadable and difficult to read.

Search and experiment

When searching for the solution that works best for you, try to add a designation for the place where you are – city, region, restaurant, cinema. Initially, there are many combinations to be checked. Matching tags can also help us in the topic of supporting marketing activities – today every serious advertiser is interested not only in the reach of our posts but also in the effectiveness and amount of activity generated by Instagram users.

The most popular hashtags – advantages

The biggest benefit that hashtags on Instagram will bring you is, of course, reach. The more people follow a given hashtag, the greater the reception of your post it generates. Thanks to this, you can serve your entries to a large number of people at the same time. Ultimately, you will slowly reach a larger and larger group of recipients interested in your post. You can also reach more people after buying Instagram followers Australia.
If you are just starting your adventure with Instagram and are looking for any connection with the topic of acquiring new recipients, popular hashtags are something that should be close to you. Remember, however, that in the long run, a few popular hashtags will not be enough to expand your profile on any social media.


The most popular hashtags – disadvantages

Even the most popular hashtags are not without their flaws – because these hashtags are in great demand, they tend to be very general. You do not necessarily hit someone’s direct interests, so the activity of them on your posts may be lower. It all depends on how universal your content is. The more niche it is, the less activity your entry will collect, with the most popular hashtags under it.
Attention! Low activity can also lead to the fact that the Instagram algorithm will stop showing your profile to many people and start cutting ranges! It is worth remembering this.

Is it profitable to come up with a few unique hashtags from time to time?

The short answer is – YES. Use unique hashtags. Your image is very important in social media, and hashtags on Instagram are a perfect complement to it. Create, at least one, the hashtag that describes you so that your followers can pass it on and be easy to find. Always add it to your posts last. Let it be your personalized tag, tailored to you. It will work better over time than the most popular hashtags.

In conclusion – what are the best hashtags?

Well-chosen hashtags are the ones that the community reacts to. No one method works for everyone. Just use hashtags to attract specific visitors. Measure their potential not only with their reach but also with the number of activities under the post itself. Use matched tags, experiment with popular hashtags. Also, do not forget to add a few general hashtags that complete the whole.
The most important thing is to keep on trying, patiently research, test, and keep your balance. The expected results are sure to come!


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