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Elite Sleigh Beds

The bedroom for each person is a place for privacy and relaxation. A comfortable sleep depends on the quality of the bed, its size and the material of manufacture. Also beautiful appearance of the headset, unusual décor, additional elements. That is why Sleigh Beds are popular with a large number of furniture manufacturers. Elite woods are used in their manufacture, natural materials are used for decoration.


Sleigh Beds are made of durable, practical materials and have a unique design. Due to the large number of models, you can choose furniture for any style. Despite the high price, everyone is eager to buy products from world brands. Reasons for popularity and dignity:

1. Durable frame. To make the base of the bed, manufacturers use wood of elite species. This material is more durable, does not crumble, does not flake, does not absorb moisture, does not swell.

2. Stylish design. Among the variety of models are high-tech beds, minimalism, modern, classic. You can choose furniture that matches the interior and will be relevant for many years.

3. True to tradition. Furniture manufacturing technology has evolved over time. Modern manufacturing has maintained an individual approach to each process and product.

4. The uniqueness of each product. Sleigh Beds furniture has its own unique style. Even mass production models are considered original, thanks to the use of the best materials.

Practical design. Additional elements perform not only an aesthetic function, but are also used to store things. Strong frame, soft headrest increases the orthopedic effect.

Double Sleigh Beds with a soft headboard are suitable for lovers of a comfortable sleep. The length of each model is 190-200 cm, and the width varies from 180 to 200 cm. For owners of spacious rooms, the king-size format with a minimum bed size of 200 x 200 cm is suitable. It is also possible to order unique furniture of any size, shape and design.


In addition to the width of the bed, it is worth considering its height. It depends on the presence of legs, additional drawers, cabinets, podium, headboard, type of frame. Sleigh Beds have the following dimensions:

Low Foot beds of 20-30 cm, which are suitable for rooms with a minimalist design, low ceilings, small area;
average height 35-60 cm, suitable for any style in medium-sized rooms;
high beds 65-90 cm, they fit well into the classic interior in the bedroom with high ceilings.
The shape of standard double Sleigh Beds resembles a square, but you can buy non-standard furniture (circle, oval, heart). The catalog includes options for all colors in the baroque style, minimalism, country, vintage, classic, modern. The following products are distinguished by design and additional functionality:

1. Sleigh Beds with storage space;
2. models with soft or hard headboard;
3. hanging models (on chains, ropes, slings);
4. beds are transformers;
5. bed with a lifting mechanism.

“Floating” models made in hi-tech design look unusual. They visually increase the space and provide additional light in the room. Beds with leather or velvet headboards give the bedroom a classic look. The options that go up and down the wall are suitable for small apartments. As a lifting mechanism, a gas shock absorber is used, which allows you to remove or raise the mattress without much effort.

The quality of the bed

The quality of the bed and its duration depend on its design. The frame has slats that increase the orthopedic effect. Such a base allows the mattress on the springs to better absorb and adapt all the bends of the human body. Durable Sleigh Beds furniture is made from the following materials:

1. Particle board, less environmentally friendly and safe for health, but still used in the manufacture of chain, headboard to reduce the cost of products;
2. metal coated with an anti-corrosion alloy to make a stable frame and make the headboard, legs, décor;
3. wood of elite species for foundation and exterior decoration;
4. plastic to build a solid foundation and create an unusual décor;
5. glass for the construction of additional functional and aesthetic elements.

For the upholstery, the headboard uses expensive materials: leather, suede, royal velvet, patina. To create a unique style, manufacturers inlaid the bed with precious stones, metals. In the catalog of Sleigh Beds you will find options with different colors that will fit in a modern or classic interior.


You can buy an expensive Sleigh Beds from Russian representatives of the furniture brand from Italy or order personal transport from the official website. The seller must have all certificates, samples of materials from which each model is made, a catalog of recent seasons. The appearance of branded furniture should be perfect: all surfaces are smooth, polished, the structure is durable, the lifting mechanisms are functional. Often on the inner surface of the bed there is a brand name of the manufacturer.

Sleigh Beds furniture manufacturers offer not only beds, but also bedroom sets. If desired, you can buy bedside tables, a wardrobe, a trellis, a dressing table, poufs, a chest of drawers. To fix the pillow and comfort during sleep you need a headboard, it has the following varieties:

. fixed or with openings, niches (for pictures, paintings, flowers inside);
. semicircular, rectangular, square or irregularly shaped (hi-tech or modern);
. soft, hard or hard;
. decorated or in the style of minimalism;
. wooden, metal, with glass or plastic elements.

Depending on the type of structures, there are:

. stationary headboard (part of the bed);
. hinged (mounted on the wall at the level of the mattress);
. side cabinets, bedside tables (performing the function of a back and a place for storing personal belongings).

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