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Develop an on-demand Beauty Salon App and enhance your style service offerings

“Beauty is power, a smile is its sword,” says a noteworthy quote. People across the world are conscious of their outer appearance. The emergence of the Covid-19 pandemic and the numerous lockdowns have digitized the beauty and salon services sector. With the increasing usage of smartphones and rapid enhancement in internet connectivity, 21st-century citizens are making appointments online for improving the quality of hair and skin. Accordingly, entrepreneurs can tap this promising opportunity and introduce an on-demand beauty and salon booking app.

What is the role of an on-demand beauty salon app?

  • It offers a 360-degree overview of the daily business operations. Several options are available for handling appointments from customers. Techpreneurs can hire trained beauty therapists and allow them to schedule, rebook, and cancel reservations made by users.
  • A beauty salon booking and management app also monitors the inflow and outflow of funds. It is integrated with numerous payment gateways. As a result, customers process transactions swiftly for their booked appointments. 

Owners of a personal care venture will also receive detailed reports. It contains real-time data about average appointments booked by users (daily, weekly, and monthly, expenses, inventory, profits, and total sales).  

  • 24×7 technical support is another special aspect of an on-demand salon booking app. Generally, a beauty parlour will be open only for limited hours a day. Hence, users cannot resolve their queries quickly. 

However, a Beauty salon booking and management app offers round the clock technical assistance for customers. It contains several features like a live chat facility with expert stylists, and a ratings and review system. 

Connecting SaaS and an on-demand salon booking app

Digipreneurs can use the power of Software as a Service (SaaS) for setting up their beauty service business. An app development company will provide monthly and yearly subscription plans for different kinds of beauty, healthcare, and wellness enterprises. uluslararası evden eve nakliyat , uluslararası ev taşıma , yurtdışı ev taşıma

The numerous packages available are 

Basic Plan – It can be introduced as a monthly plan for entrepreneurs to manage numerous branches. They can keep an eye on the inventory like hair combs, makeup brushes, nail care items, and other accessories. This prevents the shortage of stock when there is a spike in demand from users. 

Techpreneurs can keep a check on the productivity of stylists, provide discounts and offers to new customers, and regulate bookings made by beauty-conscious consumers.

Premium Plan – This is a lucrative yearly subscription. Owners of beauty salons, hair cutting shops, massage service shops, spa and wellness centres can use the premium plan. They can take charge of multiple branches in one go. A robust dashboard will share the latest information about the business status and digital marketing campaigns.

White-label plan – It is a full-fledged beauty salon booking and management app. Entrepreneurs can manage each and every task effectively. They can utilize a custom domain name along with user-friendly Android and iOS apps. 

The growth of the business will be beyond limits as digipreneurs can accept bookings, onboard users, and recruit hair stylists and skincare specialists in an unlimited manner. Besides that, there are no hidden charges. Techpreneurs can rebrand and relicense the salon service platform according to their requirements. 

What are the advanced features of an on-demand salon booking app?

Multi-time zone management – As beauty service businesses expand, it is challenging to oversee the business activities. Likewise, a multi-time zone management option gives them a wholesome view of their target markets. They can respond to customer bookings and other queries both domestically and internationally. 

Social media booking widgets – Be it Google, Facebook, and even Instagram, entrepreneurs can use modern widgets to accept bookings from users. Generally, customers like to log in via their social media accounts. Therefore, they can effortlessly make appointments with a licensed beautician of their choice. 

Third-party integration options – Add-ons augment the efficiency of an on-demand beauty salon app. An on-demand beauty salon app contains integrations with calendar management platforms, chatbots, invoice recording tools, a Point of Sale (PoS) system, and a statistics dashboard. 

What is the cost of developing an on-demand salon booking app?

There are different stages involved in creating an on-demand beauty salon app. Nevertheless, the ultra-modern personal care platform can be launched in just a few days or weeks. 

The numerous phases are

  • Conducting a brainstorming session with entrepreneurs. 
  • Studying the new happenings in the haircare and skincare industry.
  • Formulating a roadmap for establishing an on-demand beauty salon app. 
  • Designing a friendly user interface that is apt for various age groups. 
  • Releasing the prototype of the on-demand salon booking platform. 
  • Evaluating the beauty services app in pre-set terms and conditions. 
  • Including other features to the on-demand salon booking platform. 
  • Testing the privacy and security measures of the beauty salon app. 
  • Eliminating all the bugs and glitches to ensure a smooth experience. 
  • Launching the beauty salon booking solution in the market. 

What are the beauty and salon trends to watch out for in 2021?

With new brands and celebrities launching their own collections, it is an exciting time to be in this industry. Entrepreneurs can take into account new tendencies like at-home manicure, bold eyeshadow, Do It Yourself (DIY) manicure, skinmalism, and shiny nails. 

Retro will make a huge impact in the beauty services sector. People will love to flash their 80s and 90s looks in an attempt to get back into the past. 

“Colour is a power which directly influences the soul”. Multi-colour palettes will be a big rage in the future. Look-conscious users will adopt a blend of cinnamon brown, peach, red, and strawberry. They will also modify their appearance based on climatic conditions.

Techpreneurs can also target different types of salons to boost their revenue. 

Apart from bridal makeup, hair, nail, and skincare solutions, entrepreneurs can attract athletes and popular personalities with other services. They will receive more wealth by offering cosmetology, tanning and tattoo solutions. 

Wrapping Up

Importantly, the beauty and salon industry will skyrocket to $217.25 billion by 2026. The market conditions are highly optimistic as it would grow by a high annual rate of 6% for the next 5 years. 

Entrepreneurs can receive the twin benefits of automation and greater customer retention by owning an on-demand salon booking app. They can hire an app development company and start thriving in the market soon.

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