Current Education & Future Work: How Compatible Are They?

In a period where educators routinely educate generations X, Y, Z, and eventually Alpha learners for lifelong careers- what happens when jobs, at least for human beings, across the entire industry- cease to exist?

Do you quit? No.


If you look at the ancient society’s titanic short-sightedness, it believes in the long-established, meaningless fact that people are only suited for one role. A hardware salesperson cannot become a software salesperson, a software salesperson cannot become a lawyer, a lawyer cannot become a data scientist, and a data scientist cannot become a hardware salesperson. If we are to use, some thousands of millions of redundancies that we will face in the next twenty years, society must change its sightedness.

After all, there is no reason many of us cannot learn and adapt to a NEW SKILL.

The changing job market over the next 20 years

Government and studiers estimate between 30 and 50 per cent of all jobs of the period will be replaced by technology. Nevertheless, unlike the disruptions of yesteryear, where technology substituted blue-collar jobs- today’s mechanization is modifying and covering white-collar knowledge workers; and you think you could escape the transformation?

Best self-educating cognitive computing and artificial intelligence systems are replacing analysts, consultants, artists, advisors, journalists, paralegals, PhD teachers, etc. machine vision systems are substituting security guards, quality inspectors, maintenance workers. Etc. Robots have already replaced the warehouse jobs and blue-collar factory jobs and now replacing surgeons! The list goes on…..

Look around you- the changes are evident, universal, and unconcealed. And it won’t be unsurprising if you already aren’t seeing the changes unfolding- albeit gradually, for the moment.

Priorities are changing. So, how do you remain in the loop while making the breakthrough?

IMPROVEMENT- and improvement through education. 

Regardless of where you are at, whether you are a college studier or an entry-level employee- you continue to advance your career because higher education gives you the shoes to take the next big step.

So, here we share five reasons pursuing higher education can advance your career at any level.


1. Boost your confidence for success

Earning a degree helps you accomplish a big step- you gain skills, experience, and knowledge that help to advance your career and life, both.

But out of everything that degree accomplishment does, it boosts your self-confidence. For example, learning new skills in problem-solving and communication increases your confidence subconsciously. And studies have proved that enhanced confidence leads to more extraordinary career advancement.

In a study from Melbourne University, participants ranked their confidence at various levels of education, and findings showed that those who reported higher confidence earlier were promoted quicker. This explains the strong correlation between confidence and success.


2. Demonstrate a concrete work ethic

A regular work routine is always within your comfortable reach. And understandably, the addition of a new skill will only make your schedule less comforting. But taking the major leap and fighting the fear of breaking through your comfort zone to continue education is what the future demands.

According to an expert at the Aveta Business Institute, an author positively noted- Education is the only resource that business heads and supervisors alike like to see. Therefore, when their employees exhibit the drive to expand their knowledge, it is a shining sign that they will benefit the company further.


3. Enhance your soft skills

When you return to school, with the mindset of enhancing your skills and polishing your educational degrees, you learn to create an influential self. You know a lot more than what is there in the course- you become more subtle; you learn soft skills.

These soft skills include concrete abilities in teamwork, problem-solving, communication, and critical thinking. Each of these specific talents can add value to yourself, the firm you are working at, or the degree you are pursuing. And such skills can gift you the beautiful experience to be prepared and equipped to take the next step toward fulfilling your goals.


4. Gain knowledge

The reason may be a given. For example, when you pursue a postgraduate or undergraduate degree, you possess the practical knowledge and skills to apply to your workplace. Similarly, in a management program, you will learn leadership principles and deal with conflict.

This knowledge can be both factual and practical. This solely means that the information you learn is not just interesting to know but will be of great use in your current role.

And just because you have reached a certain level, say a high-level manager, does not mean you should stop learning. On the contrary, continuing Assignment help build upon your experience and broaden your skillset.


5. Grow your social network

No, we do not mean adding more friends on Facebook. In a classroom setting, you have the chance to communicate and meet with fellow learners who may come from different professional backgrounds.

By being exposed to a broader professional network by learning and acquiring new skills, you know new people. These people may be in similar situations as you and have continued advancing their careers.

Your network, grown through learning and earning a degree, can be a wealth of information and insight as you advance your independent career.

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Grow your career through education. Make your education an asset and a lifelong experience.

A Forbes article states adults return to school to improve their careers.

Additionally, articles on career counselling state that to bolster their range of marketable skills and credentials, students return to school. This approach makes them more competitive- both at the job market and their current employment position.

Also, new research on college graduates states that learners aged between 25 and 32 earn $17,000 more each year than those with just a high school diploma.

Today, it is often the frictionless client experience, now and then dubbed design thinking that accentuates the speed of adopting new technology. Generations X, Y, Z, and Alpha students have sincerely proved their power to embrace a new beginning. And as new technologies get curated into new services, students will have no qualms about embracing capabilities and technologies that were thought of as magical not so long ago.

As one learner said to a time-travelling visitor from the 1800s: “In my hand, I hold all the world’s information.”

Just imagine what you could do with new education….

Author’s Bio:

William Smith is an assignment writing expert actively associated with Allessaywriter Students who need electrical assignment help can reach out to them any part of the day. He also offers research paper help to students worldwide.


William Smithis an assignmentwritingexpert actively associated with Allessaywriter Students who need electrical assignment help can reach out to them any part of the day. He also offersresearch paper helpto students worldwide. For More: assignment help chemistry coursework help marketing coursework help write my assignment college assignment help

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