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Organic foods: Why should you choose them?


Not so long ago, organic produce was relegated to specialty stores or very small sections of your favorite grocery store. Not anymore. More and more people see organic products as a way to choose a healthier lifestyle for themselves and their families, whether they buy fruits and vegetables, meat or other products. Research shows that the seal that indicates USDA organic certification on a product will influence purchasing decisions for a majority of people.

What does the term “organic” mean?

Official definitions of “organic” depend on the agency that certifies something as organic. Different countries may have different definitions but in general this means that fruits, vegetables, plants, meat or dairy products and the like are produced without chemical fertilizers, synthetic pesticides, antibiotics, growth hormones or GMOs. Consumers can look for logos and seals that praise a product’s organic certification. This is only awarded after third-party verification confirms that rigorous organic standards have been met. The USDA organic seal from the United States Department of Agriculture, for example, signifies that a product meets strict standards for organic cultivation, processing and handling and that 95% or more of the content of the product is organic. Why are organic products a good buy?

Why prefer organic for cereals, vegetables and dried fruits?

organic is often associated with fruits, vegetables and other fresh produce, and dry produce is often thought to be less affected by chemicals. However, cereals, their by-products, legumes or dried fruits, the basis of our diet, are also loaded with pesticides. We explain to you why you should prefer organic for these everyday foods.

Since the Second World War, the size of the cultivated plots has increased considerably and the semi-natural spaces dotted with groves and hedges have virtually disappeared. With the mechanization of agricultural work and the progress of intensive agriculture, monoculture has often been presented as the essential solution for increasing agricultural production. However, an American study has shown that a uniformly cultivated area is an unstoppable environment for the spread of disease. The pressure from bio aggressors (living organisms that attack cultivated plants) then becomes stronger, so operators are increasing chemical treatments and the massive use of pesticides.

Between fresh and dry organic products, do you have to choose?

No, we should not have to choose the products we buy organic and give up eating well every day. We must favor organic farming in all our food, to preserve our health and respect the planet. But yes, eating organic is not yet accessible to everyone. This is why at Bio Hunza, an online dry organic products store. They have so many products like cold pressed oils, Herbals Teas, Nuts and Dry Fruits, Grains and Pulses, sweeteners, Hydrosols etc. For more Information Kindly Visit Here

We have chosen to only offer organic dry products because they are more loaded with pesticides but also because they are very difficult to find locally. Many of these products are minimally processed (pasta, flour, muesli, pulses, dried fruit, biscuits, bread, etc.). The investments necessary to produce them require a national market to be profitable. Also, the savings made on dry products thanks to Bio Hunza allow our members to free up purchasing power for fresh organic products, which can easily be consumed locally.


The Organic Agriculture certification certifies that the operator has successfully passed the stages of the compulsory control. It makes it possible to label its organic products with the European organic logo and the AB mark, which are identifiable by the consumer and guarantee compliance with the requirements of the European regulation on organic farming. Organic Agriculture certification is aimed at all players in the agri-food sector: farmers, processors, distributors/retailers/wholesalers, including preparers, importers or exporters and operators who carry out storage and transport activities. It makes it possible to stand out while reassuring consumers about respect for the organic production method.

Certification provides proof to our customers that our products are natural, respectful of the environment and animal welfare and guaranteed free of synthetic chemicals and GMOs. It guarantees our customers that our product has been checked by an approved organization recognized on the market.


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