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A Complete Guide to Packers and Movers Cost Calculator

Planning a move is impossible if you don’t have the valuable information related to the shifting process. Most people are scared of the moving charges of moving companies. The reason is that these charges are not the same.

Most companies have a set pattern to estimate their costs. However, a few of them are not abiding by the industry policies.

So, there is no fixed price range for the moving services. However, there are ways to calculate your moving price. Nowadays, you can find online movers and packers cost calculators to know the right moving prices.

You can easily search for this tool by visiting Google. Once you type the term “cost calculator’ you will find numerous results for the same.

It is easy to use a packers and movers cost calculator by accessing any site. You only need to provide your details to get a gist of your moving prices.

What Exactly Is A Packers And Movers Cost Calculator?

Movers and packers cost calculator is the best online tool to make your move easy. It helps you estimate your moving cost for a different destination. This helps you know the ongoing price trends of the moving firms.

The estimate obtained by this cost calculator will be highly beneficial for you in planning your move. This will also remove all your doubts about choosing a moving firm or a DIY move.

You just have to enter a few details to get a good idea of the moving costs. These details include the date and size of your move. You also have to enter the information related to your origin and destination.

How To Use Packers And Movers Cost Calculator?

Using packers and movers cost calculator is very simple. It is quite beneficial to you. If you use this cost calculator, you don’t need to devote your time to getting multiple quotes.

The reason is that this will give you a good idea of the moving charges. This online tool pre-estimates your moving cost. This is the reason why many people are using these calculators before hiring a moving company.

Here is a simple step by step procedure to fill the details in this cost calculator:-

  • First, you need to feed your origin point
  • Next, you are required to give the information about your destination point.
  • Now, it’s time to feed your full name and mobile number.
  • After that, you are required to choose the type and size of your move. You can choose the house size and the vehicle you need to move your house. For instance, you have to move a 1 BHK house, so fill 1 BHK in it.
  • Now, you need to submit the form.
  • Once you submit, you will get the charges in front of your screen. These charges are customized as per your moving needs.


Advantages Of Packers And Movers Cost Calculator To The Customers

A movers cost calculator offers several benefits to the movers. These calculators are not only advantageous for the customers but also for the moving companies.

First, let’s know how it benefits the customers.

Advantages Of Packers And Movers Cost Calculator To The Customers

  • Some of the advantages this cost calculator offers to the customers are:-
  • The customers can easily get an estimate of the moving prices by using this cost calculator. The best part is that you will get the results within a couple of minutes.
  • This calculator saves the valuable time of the customers. The ones who have planned their move at the eleventh hour can benefit from it. They don’t have to spend time contacting the movers. These people can access the calculator online and know the estimates.
  • Most people are confused about whether they should choose a moving company or DIY movers. The packers and movers cost calculators remove their doubts and help them come to a decision.
  • You can search for reliable packers and movers within a short time by using this calculator.
  • This cost calculator offers the same price estimated in the pre-move survey.

Advantages Of Movers And Packers Cost Calculator To The Moving Firms

This cost calculator also offers multiple benefits to the moving companies which are as below:-

  • The moving companies do not have to organize a pre-move survey at the customer’s home. So, this saves their energy, money, and time.
  • Also, they get rid of the problems of organizing a pre-move survey.
  • Movers can concentrate on other aspects of the move.
  • The moving companies can offer an estimate to their customers through this cost calculator.
  • The moving cost calculator is helpful in finding genuine customers.

How Does A Moving Cost Calculator Work?

The moving cost calculator is a very beneficial tool. The customers can easily use this cost calculator.

This cost calculator works in the following manner:-

  • First, the cost calculator asks for your personal details and the information associated with your move.
  • The customers have to fill in their names and their origin and destination details here.
  • Now, the form will ask you about your house size i.e.1 BHK, 2 BHK, or 3 BHK.
  • You can also avail of other services such as office relocation or car relocation
  • Now, you need to offer your personal details so that the moving company may contact you.
  • You can fill the cost calculator form within 5 minutes. And the best part is that you will get instant results for your queries.

Generally, the charges for the local shifting services are between Rs. 2500 to Rs. 3500. Apart from that, the transportation cost is between Rs. 2000 to Rs. 5000 as packing, handling, loading as well as unloading charges.

So the total shifting costs might be approx Rs. 6,000 to Rs. 25,000.

Some of the factors you must know before calculating your moving cost are:-

  • Shipment Weight

The more the weight of your consignment is, the more you have to pay. So, make sure to sort your items before moving them.

  • Distance

Distance plays a major role in calculating your moving cost. The longer the distance is , the higher your moving price is. The less the distance, the less is the moving cost.

  • Quality Of Packing Stuff

Packing material is also another factor to impacts your moving cost. So, the more qualitative your packing is, the higher costs you have to pay.

  • Insurance

Insurance is also an important factor that decides the moving cost. So you also need to know about the moving insurance before using the cost calculator.

  • Manpower

The number of laborers required also increases your moving cost. So you need to know about the required quantity of laborers beforehand.

  • Storage Services

Many people require storage services during their move. This also makes your moving costlier. So, you need to know whether you need these services or not.

  • Relocation Date

Your time of a move can also be a factor that affects your moving costs. If you move in peak season, get ready to pay higher. However, if you move in the off-season, then you may get some discounts.

  • Other Services

Other services that impact the moving costs are packing services and unpacking services. Disassembling and reassembling services of your furniture also increase your moving cost.


Using the packers and movers cost calculator is much beneficial to you before hiring a mover. It can strengthen your planning and clear your doubts. So, make sure to use this calculator before moving.

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