Working in the aged care sector is more than a job. Dealing with older Australians can be a meaningful and rewarding career path for you, which will offer an incredible number of opportunities.

With the proportion of older Australians increasing, the demand in this sector will be huge in the future years. In 2017, the number of older people in Australia was 3.4 million, and this number has increased further since then. These reasons have made the aged care courses in Perth more popular among aspiring students. Let us discuss how you can improve your career in the aged care sector.

How Can You Grow Your Career In The Aged Care Sector?

When you choose a career as an aged care worker, you will need proper training and skills to work in different work settings. The centres will always be looking for candidates who have completed at least Certificate 3 in Aged Care. Several factors can stimulate your career growth.

Increased Number Of Available Jobs And Job Security

    • By 2050, the number of people needing some form of individual care is estimated to double. The demand for skilled professionals will also increase accordingly.
    • There has been a steady growth in the industry, and it is expected to grow in the future. According to a 2016 report by a reputed organisation, the number of position vacancies has also doubled.
    • The trends in employment indicate that this sector will be one of the biggest employing sectors in the next 20 years.

All these reasons lead to just one conclusion. There are significant opportunities for you, and once you pass with qualification, you can see an array of placement offers in front of you. After joining the sector, there will be more exposure, which will further enrich you to build a fulfilling and successful career.

A Wide Range Of Works To Suit All Levels Of Skill And Personality Types

If you think joining aged care training services is only about assisting people in getting out of their beds or changing their bedpans, you will be wrong. The aged care industry offers a considerable number of job positions that suit various skills and personality types.

    • You can find career options in frontline support, human resources, administration, catering, corporate and managerial roles.
    • Depending on your preferences, you can choose your career. For example, suppose you do not prefer working with elderly persons. In that case, you can decide on handling people with cognitive disabilities or families that require additional support for some of their members.
    • Different work environments are also available to choose from. You can choose to provide support services in the clients’ private homes. If private homes are uncomfortable, you can take a job at any residential care centre. At a care centre, the workload will be much less as you work as a part of a team. In addition, you can work at a nursing home or a community-based facility.

Different work environments and people throw different challenges. Therefore, the job will force you to alter your ways.

Working Hours Will Be Flexible

Another significant benefit of an aged care career is that you can enjoy ample flexibility.

    • It means you do not have to work strictly from 9 to 5 every day like other conventional jobs. This is the reason 63% of aged care workers are part-time employees.
    • You do not need to maintain a strict schedule, and you can work according to your plans and commitments.
    • Busy mothers can work during night shifts or weekends, for which they can receive penalty rates.

Significant flexibility helps individuals concentrate more on their work.

Abundant Opportunities For Professional Development

This industry requires all kinds of professionals at all levels. Many workers join as support staff and, with experience and further training, can easily make their way to managerial roles.

You may begin your journey after getting a Certificate II or Certificate III qualification. Certificate III is the most-studied course in Australia. It is an introductory course that can help you find positions like home care assistant, personal care worker, residential care worker, etc. After several years of experience, you may enrol in Certificate IV in Aged Care or Diploma courses for further professional development.

Being Part Of A Positive Work Environment Will Help You Grow

When you apply for a job, the employer will look for several fundamental skills and qualities. And some of the most vital qualities one should have as a successful aged care professional is a supportive and caring attitude, superb skills to communicate, physical fitness, patience and discretion.

    • You should have a high level of professionalism and a positive outlook.
    • You also have to be empathetic to disabled or elderly persons. These qualities will make you one of the most eligible professionals in the industry.

Moreover, as your colleagues will also be naturally supportive and caring, you can become a life-long friend to them.

You can make a real difference to the lives of most vulnerable people

Undoubtedly, working in this sector can become a rewarding experience in your life.

    • Your primary focus will be taking care of your clients’ health and ensuring they are getting the proper medications. You will also need to arrange doctor appointments for them.
    • Apart from taking care of the medical side, you will also need to interact with them the whole day, develop relationships and provide social and emotional support.
    • Sometimes, helping them with a manageable task or a friendly smile can make a huge change in their moods. You can also share a cup of tea and carry on a long conversation to make them feel more enjoyable.

To conclude, all these activities will help you improve not only your career but also your personality.

Ending Note

Numerous colleges in Perth have aged care courses in their academic structures, where top industry experts teach the students. You can go through theoretical learning, practical hands-on training, and have work experience. For specific queries, you may contact their consultation teams.

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