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15 Features for Ecommerce Webite

Every website is distinct in its own unique way. There are some essential elements that every online store must have in order to remain current and in the market. Here are 15 essential features to attract shoppers online.

There are many trends that have been observed in eCommerce web design, such as animation, 360-degree previews of products advanced filtering, as well as dynamic search results for products.

But, they don’t ensure high conversion rates or a robust user experience. There are some elements every online store should possess to remain relevant and competitive. Here is a list of 15 features you must have that draw shoppers on the internet.

  1. User-Friendly

This is a reference to the old K.I.S.S. maxim about keeping things simple. Simpleness should be the goal in design, and you shouldn’t compromise on style in order to achieve it. In fact, research has shown an average of 76% of users believe that the most important feature of a website is its ease of accessibility. facebook

The aim is to assist customers to find the items they desire faster without having to deal with unnecessary complexity that could impede the process of buying. Online sellers only have minutes or seconds to sell. Make sure that the user experience is optimized by offering categories for shopping as well as filters and comparison options.

  1. Mobile-Friendly Website

Mobile shopping accounts account for 50% of all online transactions. With a responsive site, it is easy to adjust the content to the device that is using it, to give the most enjoyable experience for users. Walmart has increased the number of mobile transactions by 98% after enhancing its mobile website.

And Intelligentsia designed a better purchasing experience for mobile users, which resulted in an increase of 16% of mobile-based transactions. It doesn’t matter whether you have millions of pages for your products or five. Making your website mobile-friendly for your customers will increase the sales of your business and could even boost your rankings.

  1. High-Resolution Photos & Video

There is no longer the need for posting just one image with a couple of bullet points and a price. Shoppers would like to look at various angles as well as customers who use the product in different situations. They would like to zoom into and get an experience with the product. Considerations regarding technical issues for images are essential.

Images that aren’t loading properly or load too quickly will have an average drop-off in the number of viewers 39 percent, according to Adobe. And we’re not just talking about only professional images. Vanity Planet found that adding Instagram photos on their product pages increased sales by 24%. eCommerce websites must display several photos for each item. The images must be high-quality and optimized for load speed.

  1. User-Generated Reviews

Reviewers read about the products. Around 95% of them are actually. 57% of customers prefer a company with 4 at least four stars. You may think that having reviews that are negative is an effective way to kill sales. However, the opposite is true.

Reviewers who have negative experiences can be positive. It’s been demonstrated that products that do not have negative reviews are perceived as censored. In the end, consumers will conclude that the reviews that are positive are fake. tyuiu

Innovative e-commerce websites, such as Paiwen paddleboards are using reviews as content created by customers to boost social proof and generate huge fan bases. If shoppers know they’re getting an exclusive deal and are motivated, they purchase more items or spend more time on the website.

If online stores are running promotions that are ongoing, having an individual page that details the deals will not just boost sales but will also enhance SEO. Think about the shopper’s search ZIP code plus Toyota promotions] to determine then the worth of the organic result.

  1. Wish Lists

Oh, how I adore wish lists. One to shop for clothes, another that lists books I want to devour, and one for ideas for gifts for the holidays. Shop or save money, then share. ECommerce sites that don’t use wish lists leave money at the table of the computer.

What’s more satisfying than having customers mark things they’d like to buy and probably purchase in the near future? It’s gold in your pocket. It’s also a remarketing as a. Retailers are developing these customized choices to increase the number of customers.

It’s also a chance to promote a brand’s image with potential buyers. When buyers make lists of their wishes with their family and friends they send visitors for free that includes social proof to the website.

  1. Find-in-Store

Some e-commerce websites do not come with brick-and-mortar stores. However, those that do include a feature to locate stores. Sometimes, you don’t want to be waiting for an item to be delivered. You want instant gratification.

People are shopping online to look up information and make their purchases at a store. This is particularly true of young people, who tend to conduct research on the internet before making a purchase in a shop. This is why it’s extremely helpful to determine which local stores have items in stock.

  1. Related Items

Just hearing the words, “you might like this” releases serotonin, which signals excitement and curiosity. You added this AeroPress espresso maker to your online shopping basket. A new section appears that reads, you might like this. Do you want to have freshly roasted entire coffee that is fair-trade?

Perhaps a digital scale that can precisely measure the amounts of ground coffee needed to get the perfect cup of coffee? When an online seller utilizes the feature of related items to make more sales, they’re actually telling customers to say that they get me. Related items could also be similar categories of products to compare shops, people who bought this item also searched for, and so on.

  1. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

The purchase of complex items requires trust with an online seller as well as detailed details when purchasing products on the internet as opposed to face-to-face. Fine Watch Bank (disclosure: they were an actual client) sells high-end, expertly designed watches.

The buyers of the company require assurance of the authenticity of watches and precise product information in order to be confident when buying. A separate section of information provides frequently requested information that helps establish credibility and increases confidence in the eyes of the buyer.

FAQ sections also have the ability to self-help with frequently asked questions from customers. Customers frequently ask questions about the support of their product’s return policies, refunds, forgotten passwords for accounts, etc.

  1. Social Proof

Online sellers and brands who connect with their customers emotionally build trust in their brand and promote it. Social connections are undisputed, and the chance to connect with your audience is much easier today than ever before. The ability to connect social profiles and content created by users on an e-commerce website are essential features that create a brand identity for online sellers.

Customers are bombarded with an endless stream of “buy now” and “get this”. It’s the brands that interact with customers in a way that builds long-term customers. They provide items that benefit people and that they care about. Social media allows brands on the internet to demonstrate authenticity and establish an emotional bond with their merchandise.

Check out Nike’s Pinterest account to see how the way they combine items with inspirational images can make an enormous impact. Check out how Ikea makes use of user-generated content to provide ideas for design and ideas on how to make use of its products. Learn more about the ways Lowe’s creates how-to videos that instruct people on how to use its products.

  1. Security Features

Online transactions are a vital element of our daily lives. Thus, online stores are a potential attack for cybercriminals. It is essential that sellers safeguard customer data and make sure they protect security. All it takes is an online platform that is secure.

With their advanced protections, it’s no surprise the fact that Magento and WordPress combined with WooCommerce are the two top websites for selling online. Other security features that you must have for eCommerce to take into consideration include:

SSL Certificate: Establishes secure connectivity between a user and a website. Check for HTTPS and a green lock on the address bar before putting your trust in an online retailer with your data. Choose an SSL certificate provider with names that are well-known. The big e-commerce corporations of the world generally make use of Symantec.

Two-factor verification: This adds an added layer of security by requiring an account number and password, along with a system-generated code that is sent by email or text.

Use a firewall It acts as a gateway or wall between two networks that allows authorized traffic while block unwanted traffic.

Privacy policy link in footer The website’s privacy policies, and assures customers that their information is not given to third-party companies.

  1. Advanced Payment Options

In the age of Apple Pay and PayPal, advanced payment options are an essential option for any e-commerce website. Consider the convenience that comes to Amazon single-click purchases. Users with an account registered are able to purchase with just the press of a button.

There are a variety of well-known online payment options. The most important thing is to know who the purchaser is, and applying the most efficient methods. If your site is restricting payment options, be sure to state the reason. A website, for instance, a website might not provide Bitcoin for payment method once it has determined its value. This isn’t dependable.

If customers are tech-savvy who prefer this method of payment It is crucial to make clear the reasons why this isn’t an alternative. This transparency shows that the company is aware of its customers and helps build confidence in its customers.

  1. Detailed Shipping Information

Unexpected shipping costs are the most common reason why shoppers abandon their carts. It is also beneficial to provide delivery times and alternatives for speedier delivery. Websites should also list countries that are not within the normal shipping zones.

Incredibly, customers spend 30% more when free shipping is offered. Be sure to display codes to receive free shipping on every page of the website using heading navigation if appropriate.

  1. Multi-Touchpoint Contact Page

When it comes down to the running of an online store where the majority of transactions take place online, nothing can build trust like an overly evident and well-presented “contact us” feature. This is particularly true when selling premium items or technical products.

Don’t make it difficult for buyers to reach you or to request assistance. Think about making the contact page a function on the website. Offer multiple ways to contact you, such as email, phone, and an online contact form.

Certain companies that have brick-and-mortar shops provide online appointment scheduling through your contact pages. Make sure to include social networking links for customer service as well as Google maps to locate locations.

  1. Return Policy

The return policy is an important aspect of any website that sells online. Your return policy must be clear and clearly written or illustrated. Another feature that builds trust is online sales. It assures customers that, if they’re unhappy or require a change in size, the company is available to assist the customer.


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