10 Amazing Facts about the Packaging Industry: All You Need to Know

Packaging has been an industry in the use of humans for centuries. This art or science, whatever you may call it, has been there for many, many years. But did you know there are so many amazing and astonishing facts that this industry holds? If no, we have a great article coming ahead that can help you with the facts you would love to know. These facts about the packaging industry have the most interesting things this industry holds. You can read about all of these and benefit by getting an insight into this amazing industry. Make sure that you read the whole article because it’s going to be an amazing ride for you. Therefore, read all of these amazing facts and be thrilled and amazed by them.

1: The Craziest Facts about the Packaging Industry:

The following are the craziest and loveable facts about the packaging industry. The facts are:

The Corrugated Packaging:

The fact is about the industry in the U.S. The experts say that corrugated packaging is done for almost 90 percent of U.S. products. This shows the reliability of this huge industry on corrugated packaging, a way that helps you understand the industry.

The Global Worth:

You can see about the enormity of this great great industry in this fact. The fact is that the global spending on product packaging is 150 billion American Dollars. This is how big it has become and how important this industry is for the world. And there does not appear to be a decline coming into it in the near future. Therefore, you should go on and put your money into this industry without being hesitant. Offset printing and packaging are among the biggest techniques and technologies of this industry.

The Corrugation Patent:

Corrugation is an amazing way to take a fragile thing to the logistics. But, did you know when was its patent was done? If not, read this! This amazing and game-changer patent came in the year 1871, and since then, there is no looking back.

The Employment Fact:

Many people wish to be an employee when they come out of college and university. But, did you know that there are more than 70,000 people in the U.S. alone that are employed in packaging. Does this mean this industry is big? Yes, it does mean that and shows how this industry is helping millions of people all over the world. By employing them and helping them in their ways of life and making their business facile.

The Most Amazing Fact of Growth:

An amazing fact tells how essentially packaging can change the course of consumers. The fact says that you can see an increase of up to 30 percent if you concentrate on the packaging. How amazing is it? You just have to do a bit of better packaging and there, boom! You have an increase in the business you are getting, and that too of up to 30 percent.

Branding or Packaging?

Is branding important? It may be for you! But did you know that 10 to 12 percent of people think that the brand they are buying is as important as the packaging. So, where are you going when sales also do not depend on branding anymore. You should also concentrate on packaging. This can boost your sales and help you give the branding effects, just like the campaigns you run for branding.

The Packaging Effect on Food:

Packaging is among the things that affect the food you pack in them. There is a study that tells if you use corrugated material for packaging, you get 48 to 72 hours more. This is how packaging can save food and increase the shelf life. The study was in 2016

The Accident Going Right:

Paper packaging has been there for centuries now, and it says that there is no much change required. This type of packaging has stood the tide of the time, but did you know there was an accident that led to innovation? Yes, there was an accident that led to the ability to mass-produce paper packaging. It so happened that a worker in Newyork accidentally changed the settings of the package producing machine. But, a great thing happened! The owner of the facility realised that they could cut the crease in one step that could lead to mass production. This is an amazing fact about the revolutionary advancement in the industry from an accident. If you want printing on these corrugated boxes for mass production, there are companies with offset printing online globallyAnd these offset printing companies would work for an affordable price too.

Sweet Sedation:

The tile may be a bit tricky, but the fact says that the people who use cardboard products associated it with words like “warm” and “Sweet.” They would also use the words like “comfortable.” An amazing psychological effect, isn’t it?

How Old is Corrugation?

Corrugation has been there for more than a hundred years. This type of packaging helps many many industries with the facility and safety it offers. It is something that came into existence in 1903, which means there have been more than 110 years. So, why not call it one of the oldest types of packaging in the world? Surely you can, cause it is one of them. You can use offset label printing with it as well, which would give you the branding you need with the packaging you love. This one is among the oldest facts about the packaging industry that you must have loved.


1: What are the name of the best printing shop near me?

The best printing shop in Lahore is Indus printing that offers an amazing range of beautiful designs and materials you can easy search on google printing shop near me and got the location of Indus Printing.

2: When did Packaging start?

Packaging is an ancient way of preserving and transporting things. There are pieces of evidence of its use in ancient China.

3: Which packaging is best for fragile things?

The best packaging for fragile things is corrugated packaging.


Many companies in the world intermingle their services by working for both offset printing and packaging. But these facts are the most amazing insights to the section of facts about the packaging industry. One thing is for sure that you loved all of these mind-blowing facts that give an amazing insight. And that’s what this article was meant to be. 

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